oak beam renovation
Photo one


oak beam renovation
Photo two


oak beam renovation
Photo three

oak beam renovation
Photo four

oak beam renovation
Photo five






For the oak beam renovation work, the beams in photo one are a combination of new oak for the ceiling and reclaimed oak beams for the walls, the beams on the walls are not structural, only decorative, the beams are cut in half and fixed to the plasterboarded walls, then plastered in between the beams to give the ‘old’ look.

The new beams to the ceiling are structural and form the floor for the room above, the beams are stop chamfered and distressed to give an aged look, the joists then have plaster board fixed to battens to the sides of the joists, then plastered.

The joists shown in photo two are morticed into the main beam, then pegged from above, this main beam has been ‘Adzed’ to give a traditional look.

These reclaimed oak beams on photo three have been sliced down the middle to give two useable faces, these are then fixed to the plaster board stud wall and plastered inbetween.

The brickwork to the base is built using reclaimed soft red bricks,

The oak sole plate is also a thin strip of oak.

Photo four shows a re- built supporting structural wall of a cottage, new brickwork, sole plate and posts.

Photo five shows ‘false’ wall beams with structural oak ceiling / floor joists

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